General Information

DeAvila's Catering

General Information

DeAvila’s Catering, we are a Family run business since 1984.

We take Pride in our personalized Service our motto is “We Cater to your Needs”. We offer a wide variety to choose from but if you don’t see what you are looking for, our Event coordinator will help you personalize your menu for your special occasion. All Prices are subject to change. The price given on the day of deposit will remain final.

You can order by calling 508-823-2047 or by calling for an appointment.

References are available upon request. China and Flatware are included in all Sit-down dinners and Premium Service Buffets as well as Create your own Buffet with 3 or more Entrees.

Basic White or Ivory Table Linens and a Choice of Colored Napkins are Included in all Sit- down Dinners (Premium Linens and Chair Covers Available for an additional fee.) Basic Table Linen and Colored Napkins for Premium Service Buffets and Create your own Service Buffets with 3 or more Entrees is $1.25 per person

China, Flatware and Basic Linen on all other Service Buffets is $3.50 per person

Guarantees, Deposits, Taxes, Payments

To Guarantee your Date we require a $275 non-refundable deposit for all Sit-down dinners and Service Buffets

or a $175 non-refundable Deposit on Drop-off buffets.

Final Payment is due 10 days prior to your event. We require that you provide us with a final quest count 10 days prior to your event, after this, you will Not be able to decrease your guest count, but you can marginally increase your count up to 48 hours prior to your event. You must guarantee a serving time, if serving time is delayed for more than 40 minutes there will be an additional fee of $100 per 1/2 hour.

18% administrative fee & 7% State and Local meal tax will be added to all Sit-down Dinners and Service Buffets.

7% State and Local Meal Tax will be added to all pick ups or drop offs.

Additional Information

We have a minimum of 50 Guests for Sit-down Dinners and Service Buffets

and a minimum of 35 for Delivery if your count is less than 35 you can pick it up or have it Delivered for an additional fee all buffets with less then 35 people will not include a beverage.  We are an off Premise Caterer, So we have to follow the rules of the Hall or Club of your Choice. Many Halls do not allow any beverage other than Coffee, so we don’t have Water Glasses or Passed Water Service included but it is an option (if allowed by the Hall), for an additional fee.

Water Glasses on table with poured table service .99 p.p. with Lemon 1.25

Any Kitchen or Caterer fees charged by your hall will be your responsibility. 

Delivery fees $35 for Drop off and Set-up This fee is waived if you have 35 or more guests and are within 5 miles from our facility. Also waived if your bill totals $500 or more and are within 12 miles of our facility. If the Hall or Club you are having your event at requires us to pick up the same day there is an additional fee for pick up or you can return the items to us. Delivery and Set-up fees $35 - Delivery, Set-up, and Pick up next day $50. -

Delivery, Set-up and Pick up same day before 9pm $100 after 9pm $150 after 11pm $200


Wedding cake cutting fee: If you want us to cut and Serve your Wedding Cake with Strawberries & Cream or Chocolate Sauce instead of a dessert selection there is no cake cutting fee, However if you want a dessert selection and us to cut & serve your wedding cake there is a charge of $1.95 p.p.

All Weddings have a $200 Hostess Fee

Toast: Champagne Toast 1.99 p.p. topped with a Strawberry 2.49 p.p.

Wine Toast 1.49 p.p. topped with a Strawberry 1.99 p.p. Sparkling Non-Alcoholic Toast 1.79 p.p.

Ginger Ale will be provided to all minors under the age of 21

Food Regulations

Due to the Danger of food borne illness, State Law does not allow us to give food to our customers at the end of your event. Please Inform us of any food allergies



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